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Hon Maduro-Caines blasts Walwyn as only contributing paint to D6 over the years

Hon Maduro-Caines blasts Walwyn as only contributing paint to D6 over the years

Current Sixth District Representative Hon Alvera Maduro-Caines has blasted her political opponent, the controversial Myron V. Walwyn, as only ever contributing paint to two basketball courts in the district over the years.

“Mr. Walwyn and I sat together for years discussing my plans for our district and as I try to recall what he helped with in the district, only a contribution to paint the Baugher’s Bay and Purcell Estate Basketball courts come to mind,” she claimed in a Facebook post on March 26, 2023.

Further, Hon Maduro-Caines accused her opponent, the former Education Minister, of using paid social media to run a petty campaign against her.

“The Facebook posts, series of videos, and paid planted news stories, are trite and childish. After serving the people for 12 years, I am fully aware and capable of being honest about the things we have to bring to fruition, once and for all, in the district. With the VIP’s support I can now fully reimagine, reconstruct and reposition our District!,” she said.

Meanwhile, Hon Maduro-Caines said despite Mr Walwyn’s tirade against her, she will continue to share plans for the people of "District 6/Z6NE", for the next four years.

Baughers Bay, Tortola, in the Sixth Electoral District.

Waywn has distinct & petty brand of politics - Hon Maduro-Caines

“I’ll allow Mr Walwyn to continue with his distinct and petty brand of politics; it’s a distraction from what the people need and deserve at this time,” she added.

“While we should all think highly of ourselves, to believe that you’re the only one thinking about improving the District or in my case, continuing to build on what I have already started, is the lowest form of human expression.”

Hon Maduro-Caines said after reviewing her plans with Mr Walwyn over a number of years, it is likely that his plans were created based on what she was progressing on, including plans that he stifled and has found value in them now.

“Our district gains with Maduro-Caines and all my plans are gains that the district needs and will receive once I’m re-elected. Let’s continue to work for the good of the people and present ideas of which the people will decide who should implement them come 24th April 2023,” she added.


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