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How having children has turned into 'financial suicide' in the UK

Having children has become prohibitively expensive in the UK, with a survey indicating a 30% rise in parents incurring debt to afford childcare costs.
Nearly half of parents with children under five are affected, especially single parents, 66.5% of whom have had to borrow or dip into savings.

Childcare consumes over a quarter of many households' incomes, while one in five spend over half. The Founder of Pregnant Then Screwed, Joeli Brearley, warns of the dire financial implications of having more children, leading some parents to regard it as an unaffordable luxury.

Childcare costs are so high they can equal minimum-wage earnings, leaving some families to decide that returning to work isn't financially viable. According to, full-time care for a child under two averages £14,030 annually.

The astronomical expenses have forced some women to resort to abortions and have made re-entering the workforce or accepting promotions unfeasible for many mothers.

Solutions include creating apps to facilitate community-based childcare, but the current economic climate reveals both a cost of living and cost of working crisis, with mothers disproportionately affected.

Delays in securing childcare spots and inadequacy of government subsidies, which are due to only save families less than £100 a month, exacerbate the problem.

The call for increased financial support from when parental leave ends is growing louder, as parents strive to maintain their employment while balancing the high costs of childcare.

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