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Tuesday, Oct 03, 2023

How high is the real inflation in USA?

How high is the real inflation in USA?

Looking at the big picture, numbers do not lie. Politicians, do.
2 years ago: 30-yr mortgage rate was 2.80% & average new home price in the US was $395k.

Today: 30-yr mortgage rate is 7.08% & average new home price is $518k.

Result: $25k increase in down payment (assuming 20% down) & 114% increase in monthly payment (from $1,298 to $2,779).

Student 323 days ago
It starts with pols that see their job as a responsibility to be servants. To place the best interests of others above their own interests. Not only in word but in actions, regardless
Oh ya 323 days ago
And all because the US goverment is printing trillions of dollars to pay for a lifestyle it can not afford. If printing money solved problems then Zimbabwe, Argentina and the Weimer Republic would have been in great shape. Nixon started this fire in 1971 when he took the US off the gold standard. Saudi is going to finish it by joining the BRICS thus killing the petro dollar thus the world reserve currency, and folks when the US loses that you will see real inflation


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