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Saturday, Jan 23, 2021

How will travelling to Europe change after Brexit?

The UK is finally set to leave the European Union on Friday night, as the result of the 2016 referendum comes to pass.

Although a few other Brexit dates have come and gone, the country will exit the bloc at 11pm after Boris’ Brexit bill cleared Parliament and was given royal assent, officially becoming law – before being voted through by the European Parliament.

And naturally it’s left a lot of people concerned about whether or not their holidays and other travels to the continent may be affected.

Just how will travelling to Europe change once we’ve left?

How will travelling to Europe change after Brexit?
In the short term, very little will change when it comes to travelling to Europe after Brexit.

That’s because once the UK leaves the block it will enter a ‘transition period’, to allow time for the UK and EU to negotiate their future relationship – with the aim of striking a trade deal during this time.

During the transition period, the UK will still be subject to EU rules and regulations – and those include on travel, with freedom of movement between the UK and the EU continuing during this time.

So if you can continue to live, work and holiday in EU countries without restrictions, while EU citizens can continue to do the same here.

During the transition period the country will also remain in the customs union and single market and will still be a part of existing EU trade deals, as well as being subject to EU regulations.

Once the transition period is over travel for UK citizens within the EU is expected to change, although how is not yet clear.

What will happen to passports after Brexit?

While things won’t be different in the short-term, it’s a good idea to follow government advice if your passport is coming up for renewal.

The government website says passports may need to be renewed earlier as, on the day of travel, at least six months validity is needed.

The passport will also need to be less than 10 years old.

Pets will not be able to travel under the current pet passport scheme and will need to follow a different process which takes four months.

After Brexit, European Health Insurance Cards may not be valid in many EU countries, and so the appropriate travel insurance with health cover will be needed.

Those who plan to drive may also need extra documents and obtain an international driving permit for some countries.


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