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Monday, Apr 19, 2021

HR Audit Coming! Some Gov't Staff To Be ‘Repurposed’

HR Audit Coming! Some Gov't Staff To Be ‘Repurposed’

Now that a series of e-government legislation are being brought into force, some government employees in the British Virgin Islands will be repurposed, Premier and Minister for Finance Hon. Andrew Fahie has said.
He made the remark during Tuesday’s sitting of the House of Assembly following the introduction of bills such as the Electronic Filing Act and the Electronic Data Act.

“These electronic Bills will not only work out for locally, but also globally. With the increase in technology in the government, I also want to say that it is time to concentrate on a Human Resource audit before we get involved in transformation,” he remarked.

The Premier added, “So that we know what can exist so that we can know what we are transforming from and to because the way government is moving through all these technology, you cannot be increasing manpower when you have more technology, that’s an oxymoron. So you now have to make sure that with the technology, we now repurpose some of our people and also strengthen our private sector so that we don’t have to be increasing the size of government.”

In the meantime, the territory’s leader said the technology is coming at a “crucial time”.

“I have said in meetings privately, and I will say it publicly, after being out of government for so many years and finally getting back as the Premier, I recognize what the pressures are of the public service. It’s not if we’ve qualified people here or not; it is because the quantity of persons with the capability to move a territory that is competing globally is limited. In other words, I have found out that the existing system of government with the public service is doing exceptionally well and is being criticized way too much for operating in such a manner where they have to maintain international standards and keep up with the rest of the world,” the Premier stated.

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