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Wednesday, Nov 25, 2020

Humane Society seeking $500K in donations to build new animal shelter

Humane Society seeking $500K in donations to build new animal shelter

The Humane Society is seeking half-million dollars to build a new facility in Josiah’s Bay on Tortola.

Via a GoFundMe account created nearly a day ago, the society said they have been asked to leave their rented quarters located at Johnson’s Ghut before the end of 2019.

“The Humane Society has been working on a plan to build a new shelter for many years. We have purchased our plot of land and a large steel frame building to establish a new shelter. However, we are now in critical need of donations to fund the erection of the building on our own land and to finish the construction, foundation, framing, plumbing, electrics, cages, etcetera,” the society stated.

It further said: “Our situation is desperate, we must raise $500,000 to build the new shelter in order to continue providing care and shelter for the hundreds of unwanted animals on the island in need our assistance. If we do not raise enough funds to build a new shelter, the Humane Society of the BVI will be forced to close.”

Landlords want to develop land

In the meantime, the release said the owners had indicated their willingness to develop the said property.

“We are extremely grateful to our landlords for having accommodated the Humane Society in its current location for many years at below-market rent. However, their decision does, unfortunately, leave the shelter in a very difficult position with very little time to relocate,” it further said.

The operators of the Humane Society further said the shelter is a great necessity in the territory.

“There is no other animal shelter in the BVI. We are deeply concerned with regards to future animal welfare. Please help us save our animal shelter and donate to the building cost of our new Shelter. Your donation will secure the future happiness and welfare of so many animals.”

The facility was first opened in 1975 to cater to offering shelter, love and care to unwanted, abandoned and mistreated animals.


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