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Sunday, Apr 18, 2021

Hybrid learning isn’t working for some students - Education Chief

Hybrid learning isn’t working for some students - Education Chief

While many students are benefitting from the hybrid learning approach which incorporates more technology and remote learning, Chief Education Officer Connie George has bemoaned a “percentage” of students who are not benefitting from the new education model.

The hybrid learning approach refers to the blend between online learning and in-person classes that was adopted in 2020 because of the impact of COVID-19.

While she didn’t give exact data, the Education Chief said lack of parental supervision and internet access are among the reasons this group of students are not reaping the benefits of the hybrid learning approach.

“Even though I speak a lot about those who have really benefited, there is a percentage that has not been benefiting as much because of several reasons: internet issues, lack of devices, not enough parental guidance, the absence of parents who aren’t able to have them (students) in position. Some come to us [as teachers] today, they can’t come tomorrow so we have that loss of knowledge. We [the teachers] sometimes have to start over because they were not able to come on a consistent basis,” George explained.

Amid the concern identified, George said the Education Ministry is pleased by last year’s reports which show that many students have been performing better due to the hybrid learning approach.

“When the reports came to me at the end of last school year, we saw some heightened grades for some students because some really excelled with the online [learning] as opposed to when they were in the classroom with all the students. We are grateful to have discovered those students who do well with that setting and it’s something we have in our view,” George stated.

Parental involvement necessary

Assistant Principal of the Althea Scatliffe Primary School, Kayron Todman, who was also part of the panel, urged parents across the territory to become active participants in their children’s education as this is a necessary component for success.

“Be there to ensure they get all that they need — resources, that extrinsic motivation to ensure that they excel,” Todman said.

He also explained that parents should form the habit of communicating with teachers and their children in order to track the progress children are making as they navigate the new era of learning.


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