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Friday, Oct 30, 2020

I Am Not Here To Please Status Quo

I Am Not Here To Please Status Quo

Declaring that he has no shares in any of the telecommunication companies operating in the BVI, Premier Hon. Andrew Fahie said he was not elected to please the status quo.
He assured newly appointed Chairman of the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC), Mr Vance Lewis that he will not interfere with the commission’s work to hold those companies accountable when it comes to the issue of poor internet service.

“What has been a problem in telecoms is everybody protecting their money source which is not bad because you in business to make money. But it cannot be at the detriment of the economy of the BVI and of the people of the BVI,” Premier Fahie said in the House of Assembly recently.

He added, “We need to get proper internet and cannot take any excuses…I am serious about this…you don’t have to worry about me interfering because I want to repeat for you (Lewis), I don’t have shares in any of the companies. And I want to tell my friends in all those different companies that look if you don’t get this thing solve, we have to make a move.”

There are three telecoms operators in the BVI, CCT, FLOW and Digicel. Premier Fahie has warned that if TRC is unable to address the issues with these companies, they will explore opening up the market.

Premier Fahie has in the past accused government ministers of the former National Democratic Party (NDP) of conflict of interest and of having the best interest of the status quo or the 1 percent over the people of the BVI.

“Because to solve these means certain status quo is going to get angry and I didn’t come here to please the status quo, I came here to please BVIslanders, Belongers and those who are doing business across the whole diaspora,” he said.

Premier Fahie further emphasized, “Nobody going to tell me it cannot be fixed, it can be fixed. It must be fixed…I don’t have no shares in none of the companies. I tell them I am the best one to be Premier at this time. They bad talk me and I still reach here. I don’t have no shares in nothing.”

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