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Monday, Nov 23, 2020

I am now a ‘statesman’, I advise both sides

I am now a ‘statesman’, I advise both sides

Since his noticeable absence from public Opposition meetings since March 16 this year, Representative of the Fourth District, Mark Vanterpool has given reassurance to residents that he is still an active member of the Opposition.

Vanterpool made the statement during Wednesday’s when he said he now considers himself as a ‘statesman’.

He said: “Yes, I am still a member of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition and I will remain, but I tell people I am now a statesman.”

Vanterpool said after a number of years in politics, veterans usually begin to prioritise the needs of their country ahead of party politics. He said that is the stage at which he has now arrived.

“I advise Honourable [Marlon] Penn as much as I can, we sit together, we have breakfast, lunch or whatever. But I also harass the Premier and tell him when he’s doing great or when he’s doing wrong he knows he gets a text from me … I text him and, in a few minutes, he calls me back. But that’s what I am now, I am going to advise all sides, I am now a statesman,” Vanterpool explained while speaking at the groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of his new OneMart store in East End.

Not one appearance since first lockdown

Since the territory’s first lockdown in late March, Vanterpool has been the only member from the parliamentary Opposition to be absent during media conferences.

When BVI News made an attempt to inquire about his absence in September, he responded: “I am not going to have any comments right now. I am not going to comment.”

While Vanterpool has been missing in action for the media conferences and public discussions, he has made appearances in the House of Assembly during that time.


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