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Thursday, Jun 30, 2022

I didn’t resign from government out of bitterness - Malone

I didn’t resign from government out of bitterness - Malone

Territorial At-Large Representative, Carvin Malone remains adamant that his decision to resign from the Government of National Unity and cross over to the parliamentary Opposition did not come from a place of bitterness.
Malone, who was Minister of Health & Social Development under the Andrew Fahie-led government, had his Cabinet position rescinded under the Dr Natalio Wheatley-led National Unity Government to accommodate former Opposition Leader Marlon Penn.

“I am not at all bitter. I am only saying to you that if you involve the population in the decision-making process, whatever outcome comes of it, I am fine,” Malone stated.

The former Minister for Health also insisted that he was not ‘thrown out’ of the Cabinet.

He explained there was merely a proposal tabled to have the tri-partisan Government of National Unity, and this proposal required him to hand over his ministerial portfolio.

“It was felt that the particular leaders of the Opposition, of each the parties, would require, in order for them to be a part of the decision-making process, would require two seats. So, it was informed that the Ministry of Health and Social Development would be one of those seats and I particularly agreed that if this is what it will call for then I have no problem,” Malone explained.

“The proposal was actually communicated to me but what I am saying is that I accepted that this is what was actually required for the unity government to move forward. It was communicated to me by the leadership of the Virgin Islands Party (VIP) [Dr Natalio Wheatley],” he added.

The Territorial At-Large Representative also said he does not feel slighted in being overlooked to serve as Deputy Premier despite being the longest-serving member of the VIP in the House of Assembly.

“I have said before there is no bitterness in it. The constitution for the Virgin Islands allows for the Premier, once signed on, to select who they choose as deputy, and who will serve as ministers. This is a constitutional item and at the end of the day, there is no sense of bitterness,” Malone said.

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