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Monday, Sep 20, 2021

I do, I do, I do, I do: Taiwan couple gets married four times to maximise time off work for honeymoon

Taiwan couple married 4 times in 37 days to exploit honeymoon law loophole
Weddings are often said to be one of the most stressful events in life, but one Taiwanese couple recently decided to go through the process four times in a few weeks in a sneaky bid to extend their time off work for a honeymoon.

Keen to make the most of a statutory holiday for newlyweds, a couple from Taiwan found a novel way to maximize their honeymoon - by marrying four times in just over a month.

Taiwanese man marries woman four times, divorces her three times just to enjoy 32 days of marriage leave.

The man, who works in a bank, initially got married on April 6 last year and applied for eight days of leave.

At the end of the leave, he divorced his wife before remarrying her the next day.

The man continued with the arrangement where he remarried her four times after three divorces, allowing him to enjoy a total of 32 days of leave.

The man’s employer, however, only approved his first marriage leave.

Unhappy that only the first marriage leave was approved, the man filed a complaint against his employer for not abiding with Taiwan’s labour laws.

Under Article 2 of Taiwan’s Regulations of Leave-Taking for Workers, “a worker shall be entitled to eight days of wedding leave with pay”.

Investigations by Taipei City Labour Bureau later found the bank had indeed violated the rule and fined them NTD$20,000 (RM2,929).

Unhappy with the fine, the bank submitted an appeal and pointed out the man was manipulating the system as he married the same woman in succession.

Despite agreeing what the man did was unethical, the Taipei Labour Bureau upheld the previous ruling and maintained the fine.

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