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Thursday, Dec 07, 2023

I feel no compulsion to defend myself — Skelton Cline

I feel no compulsion to defend myself — Skelton Cline

Clergyman and former government consultant Claude Skelton Cline has refused to answer critics in the wake of a scathing audit report over his contracts between 2019 and 2021 with the former Andrew Fahie-led government.
“The conversations in regards to contracts I had with the Virgin Islands Party government, I worked my a double scribble off and did a phenomenal job for my part in a two-part contractual arrangement,” Skelton Cline said on the Honestly Speaking radio show yesterday.

He continued: “I’ve said that before. I say it again, and I want you to hear me, because I feel no compulsion to defend myself. My documentations and record speaks for that and anything else, Jehovah will be my defence.”

The report issued by Auditor General Sonia Webster showed that Skelton Cline’s three contracts with the government — which netted in excess of $365,000 all together — brought nothing of value to the government.

“The audit confirmation exercises performed indicate that much of the work reported or claimed by the consultant (Skelton Cline) was undertaken by persons and programmes independent of the consultancy. In a number of cases, his association with the programmes was either fleeting or non-existent,” Webster noted in her report.

Not easy loving your enemies

Among other things, the clergyman touted his emotional sobriety and suggested that he does not harbour grudges and resentment.

“Some members of the House of Assembly took the time to say all manner of things yesterday,” Skelton Cline commented. “But what I want to say to this nation… Love your enemies. It’s not easy.”

“You see, I have learned to live with an unoffended heart. And this is why no matter what some of the persons may have said on yesterday, it’s, you know, love your enemies,” Skelton Cline added.

He also saw his present circumstances as an opportunity for a ‘national teachable moment’ to practice what he often teaches in relation to forgiveness to those that hate.

“I can be pulled in different directions, but I have called all of that,” he said. “I have called my flesh. I have summoned emotional sobriety to use this opportunity as a teachable moment because you see, while I can come on here, I have two choices. I can defend myself or I can represent God. I am choosing today to represent God.”

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