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Friday, Sep 18, 2020

I Have Been Called A Thief

I Have Been Called A Thief

Former Communications and Works Minister, Hon. Mark Vanterpool, said his name has been tarnished where persons have called him dishonest and a thief.
But according to him this is far from the truth as he has no interest in government money.

Speaking recently in the House of Assembly, the opposition member and District Four Representative said that there is an inferior complex where ‘our own people’ think that politicians in the BVI are corrupt.

“Somehow there has been success in convincing our own people that we are corrupt and that we are going to do the wrong thing every time we sit in a room or hall. Do things in our own interest and not in the interest of our people of the Territory,” he said.

He added, “I had to defend that many times. I spent eight years as a minister, sacrificing my own business, sacrificing my own progress, sacrificing my family. Every time I go to the internet, and I raise my name, sacrificed my integrity where people called me dishonest, a thief all kinds of things.”

Hon. Vanterpool sought to assure that he has no interest in government coffers.

“I know in my own conscience .I have no interest in government coffers; no interest in government money. I’ve known from my mother to work hard from day one…I have learned how to be honest,” the Member said.

He said, “Some feeling and misconception has been inculcated into the minds of the people by other people and unfortunately our own people don’t recognize where it is coming from…that inferior complex when you don’t believe that you could have a Premier who is duly elected by the people of the territory in a democratic way.”

Hon. Vanterpool has been at the center of the former National Democratic Party's (NDP) Cruise Pier project overrun. The Project went went over its initial budget by by more than $30M. In 2016, then Premier and Minister for Finance, Dr. the Hon. D. Orlando Smith admitted that $82M was expended on the cruise pier project.

Quote of the Day

Don’t worry about failure; you only have to be right once.

Drew Houston
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