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Monday, Oct 03, 2022

'I have my receipts!'-Premier on construction of new home

'I have my receipts!'-Premier on construction of new home

Virgin Islands (VI) Premier and Minister for Finance, Hon Andrew A. Fahie (R1) has dismissed claims suggesting that he is abusing the public purse by using the same contractor on the Frenchman’s Cay bridge to construct his new dwelling home.

The territory’s leader addressed the matter on the VIP Let’s Talk show on February 8, 2022.

“I wanna deal with things straight up, I heard a radio show carelessly [said] that the contractor that is building the Frenchman’s Cay Bridge for $300,000 is building the Premier’s home and has left it out there.”

“Yes I heard that quite irresponsible, but it is this season when you see people try to distort your character and your reputation,” he added.

Premier Andrew A. Fahie a Fahie said the funding and bid for the new Frenchman’s Cay Bridge is in no way connected to the construction of his home.

No political interference

Premier Fahie further said he wanted to be clear that the contract for the construction of the bridge went through an independent bidding process and it had nothing to do with an elected official, “It went through a tender process, a bidding process, the contractor won that without any input of political interference.”

He continued: “As for my home, I want the public to know that I have a contract with the bank and the contractor and how the drawdown is going. So I am not going to sit back this election and let them have a field day with my name and be afraid to deal with these things."

"I will deal with them straight up when they have to be dealt with, because when these little things are said and then they becomes engraved in some persons minds and they believe it,” he added.

I have my receipts!

Premier Fahie argued that it would be somewhat impossible to construct a bridge and a house for that sum.

“But the malicious people are out and one thing I know they were coming with it anyway. So I have all my receipts put aside, waiting for those malicious people when they come and I can hand it over to anyone that needs the receipt and I will make sure that I declare it with the Register of Interests."

"You all know that I declared it in Cabinet even before, long before, because I knew it would be the talk of the town as if the Premier cannot build a house,” Hon Fahie added.

The Leader of Government Business said he ensured that he kept his dealings above board, and therefore, he is not afraid to clear his name.


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