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Sunday, Jul 05, 2020

'I have no interest in Gov't coffers'- Hon Mark H. Vanterpool

'I have no interest in Gov't coffers'- Hon Mark H. Vanterpool

Honorable Mark Vanterpool Says, outsiders have found success in convincing Virgin Islanders that its leaders are corrupt. My comment:

Every democracy is corrupted, because the democratic system (worldwide) is full of loopholes and invites corruption. Not only in BVI, and not necessarily in your previous or current government, but corruption is intrinsic and is the real driver behind every other democracy.  

Highlighting corruption by the media in order to fix it, has nothing to do with this unarguable fact: that Virgin Islanders people - elected and officials -  have all the skills to run their own territory without any white supremacy colonial supervisor, without any patronising "help" from any outsider or non-elected big boss. 

Do not mix up these two issues. Both of them are important and have nothing to do with the other. Never stop fighting corruption, as there is no colonialism. And never stop striving to step free of colonialism, as there is no corruption. 

The BVI is not any more corrupt than the UK, and the BVI people are not any less talented nor any less capable to manage their own lives as the British people do in their own island.  Both have problems; both have the full right to solve them independently. 

However, the fact that it's an outsider pointing out your faults, doesn’t automatically make you innocent. Sometimes only an outsider can see - or talk - about problems that no insider can deal with.

Just remember this simple fact: you opened your supermarkets not because you cared that your people would have food, but because you - legitimately - wanted to make money.

No one enters politics to lead a country while getting just the  poor salary of a secretary in a startup company. 

And you entered  politics - just the same as all others , before and after you - not because you wanted the people to have a better life, but because you wanted to have a better life.

Happy customers in a supermarket or happy citizens in a government system are only the by-product. They are not the first priority. They never were and they never will be. Sometimes the people are happy, sometimes they are not, but in any case you will first make sure that at least you are happy, as a politician, a civil servant or a business man.

It is just natural that your source of wealth came into question once a new government was installed. Just as their source of wealth will be legitimately questioned by the next government that comes to power. That's life. Or maybe it's better to say that’s the hypocrisy of democracy. You can get away with it. (Don't worry: you will, easily.) 

Do not downgrade the important momentum of the argument against racism and colonialism by trying to connect it to the investigations against corruption of you and your relatives. Fighting against racism and pursuing freedom are issues that are far too important to be hijacked for someone's personal benefit. 


Fourth District Representative in the Virgin Islands (VI) House of Assembly (HoA), Hon Mark H. Vanterpool says there are forces working against the Leaders of the VI, convincing the people that they are inferior and that the territory is incapable of leading itself.

'Somehow there's been success in convincing our own people that we are all corrupt and that we are going to do the wrong things every time we sit in a room or hall, that we are going to do things in our own interest and not in the interest of the people of the territory," Hon Vanterpool told Legislators during the July 23, 2020, Sitting of the House.

It is due to this unfortunate success, Hon Vanterpool said; he has had to defend the perception several times, not just for the territory but on a personal level.

"I spent eight years as a minister, sacrificing my own business, sacrificing my own progress, sacrificing my family... sacrificing my integrity where people have called me dishonest, a thief all kinds of things... when I know in my own conscience, I have no interest in Government's coffers," he said.

Mr Vanterpool's rant came during a lengthy presentation in the House of Assembly where he lambasted the Governor, H.E. Augustus J.U. Jaspert for allegedly intimidating the Premier, Andrew A. Fahie (R1) from doing his job as the leader of the territory.

Mistrust embedded in minds of VI people - Hon Vanterpool

'It looks like people don't think we can run our own affairs," Hon Vanterpool told the House. He said this notion, has now been embedded into the minds of Virgin Islanders, where even the people have now developed mistrust in themselves.

'I have no interest in the Government's money. I have learned from my mother to work hard from day one," Hon Vanterpool told Legislators.

He continued, 'I've learned how to be honest, but yet, once you're named politician... misconception has been inculcated into the minds of people by other people and unfortunately our own people don't recognise where it's coming from," he said.

According to Mr Vanterpool, the HoA now has three oppositions; one inside the House, one outside the House and sometimes one across the Atlantic in the UK.


Quote of the Day

The most terrifying words in the English language are: I'm from the government and I'm here to help.

Ronald Reagan
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