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I’ll be inquiring! Penn ‘appalled’ at RVIPF recruitment video gone awry

I’ll be inquiring! Penn ‘appalled’ at RVIPF recruitment video gone awry

Health Minister and former Opposition leader, Marlon Penn expressed that he was appalled about a video that purported to be a recruiting tool emanating from the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) hierarchy.

The video which features Police Commissioner Mark Collins and several other prominent members of the police force depicts in graphic visuals some of the crimes that have occurred in recent years in the BVI, among other things.

“I saw the video just like everyone else circulating through the various chat groups and social media forums,” Penn said on the Talking Points radio show yesterday. “I too was appalled by the content of it, the way it was presented. I think it doesn’t represent the true nature of who we are as Virgin Islanders and as a country.”

Penn said while he is aware that the BVI has its challenges, much like any other country in the world, painting such a picture as if it represents what BVIslanders are as a people and as a territory is really unbecoming, regardless of whoever may have sanctioned the video.

“I’m going to ask questions, the poignant questions in the room, particularly on what that video depicts in terms of our people. I’m really disappointed,” Penn stated.

In the meantime, the Health Minister said he did not want to cast any aspersions on how the video was done or who may have done it, noting that he would prefer to speak from a position of facts when assessing the situation.

“BVI is much more than the images that were shown in that video. We are a country of resilient people, a people that came through Grant-in-Aid, a people that pulled itself up by its spot straps,” Penn expressed.

Police chief apologises

Police Commissioner Mark Collins issued an apology late yesterday for the video being circulated, calling it incomplete and insisting that it was not meant for the public.

According to the Commissioner, none of the violence, drug trans-shipments or the seizures shown in the video would ever be appropriate to be viewed by the public.

“I am saddened by the actions taken to bring me and the Force into disgrace. I am even more disheartened that the people of this territory have to endure additional distress and trauma in this already very difficult time. I offer apologies on my behalf and that of the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force,” the Commissioner stated.


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