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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

‘I smashed car windows out of frustration’

‘I smashed car windows out of frustration’

The man accused of smashing 26 car windshields and windows in the Romasco and Old Hospital parking lot did so out of frustration and anger.

The information was revealed when the accused, 22-year-old Glenford Smith Jr or Carrot Bay, appeared before the Magistrate’s Court earlier today.

The court was told Smith Jr told police officers that on the day of the incident, he asked his mother to take him to the hospital because of a sharp back pain he was experiencing. However, his request was ignored, and he got frustrated and stormed out of the house and headed to Road Town.

It is alleged the accused found a tree branch and used it to assist with walking and proceeded to the old hospital seeking medical attention. The prosecution said Smith Jr was informed by the security officer that the clinic was closed until Monday.

The court heard he became more furious and went down to the parking lot where he began attacking the vehicles in the Romasco and old hospital parking lot. It was said all the damage was done using the stick he was carrying.


Smith Jr was charged with 19 counts of criminal damage.

It is alleged that on Saturday, February 12 at approximately 10 am, police received a report that the accused was at Waterfront Drive hitting vehicles with a piece of stick.

The court was told that when the police arrived on the scene, the accused was seated on the porch of the Adina Donovan Home with a tree branch in his hand acting in a boisterous manner.

The court was informed that police interviewed persons in the area and Smith Jr was identified as the person who damaged the vehicle. The prosecution said the arresting officer informed the accused of the reports made against him and he replied: “I mashed up the vehicles”.

He was then arrested and transported to the Road Town Police Station and the stick was seized. When the accused was at the station, the court heard he was served with a copy of his rights, and he refused to sign it.

The prosecution said Smith Jr was subsequently transferred to the Dr D. Orlando Smith Hospital for mental evaluation at the Behavioural Health Ward. He was admitted and an evaluation was done.

Smith Jr was released from the hospital on February 22 and taken back into police custody. A report was submitted to the police regarding his ability to partake in an interview.

Granted Bail

The prosecution made no application to deny bail and Magistrate Khadeen Palmer obliged and granted the accused bail.

He was given bail in the sum of $30,000 with one surety. Smith Jr was also ordered by the Magistrate to report to the West End Police Station every Friday and observe a 9 pm to 6 am nightly curfew. He was unrepresented and the matter was adjourned to Thursday, April 7.


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