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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

I thought more teachers would have been vaccinated already

I thought more teachers would have been vaccinated already

While admitting that he had hoped to have more teachers vaccinated already, Education Minister Dr Natalio Wheatley said his ministry continues to work with educators who require more information about the COVID jabs.

“I am aware that some educators have taken the vaccine. I am also aware that there are others who are planning to take it. Certainly, I would have hoped to have more persons take the vaccine at this point, but we will continue to provide education for those who need more information,” Dr Wheatley told BVI News.

Reports are that there is a significant number of teachers who’ve not yet taken the COVID-19 jabs.

Dr Wheatley did not confirm this report, nor did he give BVI News the specific number of educators who have taken the shots to date.

But he reiterated that the BVI society stands to lose if much of the population refuses to be vaccinated.

“There are implications for the entire society if we refuse to take the vaccine. Firstly, we will not be protected from a disease that has killed close to three million people globally. Also, our society will not function as normally as it could with a vaccinated population. This includes the education system.

Certainly, I will have to discuss with health officials and my elected colleagues the policies that we will adopt if vaccines approach the expiration date, and we have not met our targets,” Dr Wheatley stated.

Face-to-face learning the most ideal in BVI?

Educators are the newest set of civil servants being urged to take the AstraZeneca jabs. The teachers are being urged to get vaccinated for the government to consider the full reopening of schools territory-wide.

It is believed that face-to-face learning is ideal in the BVI as schools provide a safe haven for students while their parents are at work.

Additionally, some students are being left behind because of internet challenges and lack of supervision when classes are held remotely.


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