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Wednesday, Dec 08, 2021

I want a BVI of no lawlessness - Flax-Charles

I want a BVI of no lawlessness - Flax-Charles

Territorial At-Large Representative and Junior Trade Minister, Shereen Flax-Charles, has expressed aspirations for a BVI society where no lawlessness exists.
Her remarks came during a debate in the House of Assembly (HOA) for a motion to establish a select committee charged with considering options for exempting House Speaker Julian Willock from payment of legal fees decided on by the High Court.

“I want to see a BVI where there is no lawlessness. And it might be a stretch, because at times, persons are humans and we all make mistakes, but what I want to see for our BVI is that we’re able to voice our opinions without having to be fearful,” the first-term legislator said.

She also expressed hopes of seeing a state where persons were no longer angry simply because of a decision someone else has made.

The legislator, while insisting that democracy was at work in the BVI, said the territory’s leaders must respect each other and the opinions made by members of the public.

She urged that legislators serve with integrity and a clear conscience in the House.

“Let us serve in this House and do what we were elected to do and that is to serve the people of this territory. That is what our first priority should be,” she stated.

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