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Sunday, Nov 27, 2022

‘I will continue to fall on the side of what is best for VI’– Hon Maduro-Caines

‘I will continue to fall on the side of what is best for VI’– Hon Maduro-Caines

Virgin Islands (VI) Legislator and Sixth District Representative Hon Alvera Maduro-Caines (R6) has broken her silence regarding the detainment of Premier Andrew A. Fahie and the way forward following the publication of the Commission of Inquiry (CoI) report.

Hon Maduro-Caines broke her silence via a statement released on May 3, 2022, when she condemned the alleged actions of Premier Fahie as reckless and said it was concerning to see his arrest.

'I am beset with disappointment'

“As a Virgin Islander, I am beset with disappointment at the thought that anyone elected, appointed, anointed or other would barter the safety of our country and sanctity of our laws for any price.”

Hon Maduro-Caines added that the Virgin Islands has had a series of unfortunate setbacks such as major floods, two major hurricanes, a global pandemic, and the imposition of a Commission of Inquiry.

“None of us could imagine that the arrest of the leader of government business and other BVIslanders would punctuate this period where collectively we were looking towards the light at the end of a long tunnel. Then, the findings of the Commission of Inquiry were released and we must now come to terms with some 45 recommendations, four overarching ones which are particularly significant and ominously challenging,” she said.

Hon Maduro-Caines added that in the coming days the territory and the world will be looking to the elected officials and people of the Virgin Islands to see where the VI will fall on this side of history.

“I am most certain that I will continue to fall, as I always have, on the side of what is best for the people of these islands and fervently on the side of what is best for the Virgin Islands.

Choose country over self

She added that each decision moving forward must strongly signify that the VI is put first, even if that requires separation from anyone that could potentially harm the territory as a tourism destination and as a leading financial jurisdiction.

“The opportunity is here for us to choose BVILove for the country over our individual needs. And so, it will be for us as elected members to decipher what can and should be done, as we hope the people remain confident in the fact that the Virgin Islands will always continue to rise from the ashes of international scrutiny, judgment, and embarrassment,” she added.

'Pray for the Fahie family'

Hon Maduro-Caines said she joins in praying for the territory first and foremost and for the family of Premier Fahie.

“The death of his sister, now coupled with this unfortunate arrest undoubtedly must be difficult for his family. May they be strong in the coming days as more information becomes available and the judicial direction is determined,” she added.

The Sixth District Representative said if the Premier is proven guilty of his allegations, she is committed to assisting others best suited for the job chart a new course for the territory.

“To the people of the territory and my district, I offer a prayer that we must all continue to pray in the coming days: may God richly bless this territory; may we ask three things of thee: courage for our great leaders that [we] may rule our destiny. We ask for wisdom for our people that they may live in harmony and understanding for our children that they may cherish this legacy,” Hon Maduro-Caines said.

Hon Maduro-Caines has since been named Junior Minister for Tourism in a proposed National Unity Government that will be presented to Governor John J. Rankin, CMG for consideration.


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