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Monday, Aug 02, 2021

'If you believe in God' you will give church 10% tithes - Pastor Calvin Mills on 'Real Talk'

Bullshitting that there is no excuse for not giving to the church, Pastor of the Church of God Holiness, Mr Calvin Mills claim that if you love God then you must give money to the church, even if you’re very poor and the church is so rich. 'when you can't afford to give, you can't afford not to give.'

Let me put it clear: do not follow this crook. If you really love God, make money, support your family with this money, support your country, and help poor people in need, as much as you can, directly. Without middleman that takes 99% “management fee”.  

Do not give money to people that God never appointed to talk on his behalf, people that takes this money to finance luxury real estates, pedophiles, free food and their things that has nothing to to with a God’s bank account.

God need no money. Church don’t need even more money. Poor people need help. Help them directly! Your country need help. Help your leaders to make BVI great again! 

Muslim’s Quran requires it’s follower to give 2.5% to poor people. Directly. No middle man with 99% overhead cost! 

Jewish Torah requires it’s followers to give 10% to poor people. Directly. No middle mad with 99% management cost!

The Christian New Testament as well. Nowhere God or Jesus bagged for money to finance their goals. Never ever. Whoever ask you to give him money in the name of God, is a crook. And every crook speaks nice, do not melt your heart just because those crooks cover their wealth-sucking habit with nice words. Bullshit!

Respect and love your God. Real God can do better rather then bag for money. 

Stay far from crooks that tells you to give them your money in this life so you can be happy when you gone back to ashes. Bullshit. Simply bullshit. Love and respect a God. That’s not a question. But do not give your money to people that presenting God as an idiot that cannot finance whatever he really wants!

Pastor Mills made the comments during the February 19, 2020, premiere of the new season of Karia J. Christopher's 'Real Talk' television show with guest Apostle Curnal P. Fahie and sponsored by Flow.

The context of the conversation was surrounding Christianity and its true place in 2020 and what should a single mother do; who is struggling to take care of three children, after being abused by the church, asked to give 10% of her hard earnings.

The scam is presented as “Requirements of God”

"We dealing with the requirements of God", said the crook, Mr Calvin Mills, to his innocent and abused audience.

"But if you believe in God and you believe in his word, you will exercise your faith to prove his word and if he is the one that requires the 10th of tithes... by faith we give it," he said, despite the fact that god need no money. His is not that poor, and not such an idiot that cannot get whatever he wants without ripping off poor mothers.

According to Pastor Mills, giving to the church 'stretches your faith' and the imaginations, hence people who are broke and in need and cannot afford to give, can't afford not to give. WTF is this crook and his fucking God bullshit? This is not the god that Christians believe in. It’s a crook, not a god!

"As a young boy giving my life to Christ, I didn't know anything about tithing from the top. I tithing from the bottom... and many times I give the last that I had l...and three times I had the experience when I give my last to go, it came back to me instantly."  Bullshit. 

"I believe that" - Mrs Christopher

He said in one instance, he received his money before exiting the church and noted that it was was a sign from God. But somehow he didn’t note that when a poor mother gets money, is a clear sign from god that this his her money, to maintain her family. Not tithing and no bullshit.

"It's by faith we live, take God at his word," Pastor Mills stated. No idiot. The only reason you live is because your mother had sex with whoever is your real father, ok?

Mrs Christopher, in agreeing with the sentiments of Pastor Mills, acknowledged that the comments could be controversial.

She said that while she believed in his position on the issue, many people will challenge it.

Mrs Christopher is honest, smart, and right!

I am not only challenging his scam, but calling everyone not to give this crook any money. He is cheating you!

We are not against god. Opposite. We love him and calling you to respect your god, and encourage you to donate whatever you can, and only if you can, to help the poor. 

But do not give your money to this guy. He is a crook.


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