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Thursday, May 06, 2021

Imported COVID cases prove stringent measures were necessary

Imported COVID cases prove stringent measures were necessary

Amid the newly imported COVID-19 cases since the December 1 reopening of the BVI’s borders, Education Minister Dr Natalio Wheatley said the government was on the right track when it implemented stringent COVID-19 measures to guide the travel industry.
The BVI currently has 10 active COVID-19 cases — all being persons who travelled to the territory after December 1.

Minister Wheatley said the imported COVID-19 cases is proof that the public should trust elected leaders who are relying on medical experts to keep the territory COVID-free.

“You have to have some trust in your leaders — your elected leaders and those persons who are in these technical positions. These health experts who are advising — experts on border control and Immigration. All these persons in the respective areas, you have to have some trust in them. We won’t steer you the wrong way,” Dr Wheatley urged.

“We have our reopening now and we see people who came with negative PCR tests to the territory and then when they came here on day zero they test positive. You have those who came with negative PCRs, they test negative on the first day and on the fourth day they test positive. This is what we were trying to tell people all this time. This is what happened to other jurisdictions that did not take this type of procedure,” Dr Wheatley explained.

His comments follow public criticism after the government first announced the COVID-19 travel protocols. Many persons said the ‘stringent’ protocols would deter tourists from visiting the territory.

The public outcry forced the government to review some of the protocols including reducing the number of days (to four) that visitors have to spend in quarantine before they are allowed to integrate with the public.

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