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Thursday, Apr 15, 2021

In Listening Mode! New Guv Fully Backs Corruption Inquiry

In Listening Mode! New Guv Fully Backs Corruption Inquiry

Newly appointed Governor to the BVI, Mr John Rankin will be in a listening mode in the first few months of his tenure.
At his official swearing-in ceremony held at the Save The Seed Centre on Friday afternoon, January 29, the new Governor said that he will be looking to work with the government on several matters including good governance, pointing out that he fully backs the recently established Commission of Inquiry into allegations of corruption and other matters in the Territory.

“Finally, and most importantly I will support the good governance of this Territory. When there is good governance there is prosperity, equality and success. I fully support the independent Commission of Inquiry called by my predecessor (Mr Augustus Jaspert) and I hope that the people of the BVI feel empowered to engage in the commission so that it delivers for the people,” he said.

The Governor added, “I see it as a vital opportunity for these islands to carve a clear path towards good governance and greater self-determination.”

Governor Rankin, who served as Governor of Bermuda up until December 2020, said this means that he has some experience of the role of governor.

“But I am keenly aware that no two territories are the same and so for my next few weeks and beyond I will be in listening mode, learning and understanding as much as possible about the people, history, and unique culture of the Virgin Islands. I firmly believe that to serve a people, one must know the people,” he said.

The Governor mentioned that there are challenges ahead including recovery from COVID-19 pandemic, supporting financial and tourism service industries, ensuring the security of the islands, and upholding good governance. However, he assured that he will work hand-in-hand with the government of the Virgin Islands.

“But working in partnership must be key to success. This friendship must be based on honesty, trust, and mutual respect. Values which I will keep in front of my mind,” he assured.

The newly appointed governor said that his goal will be a humble one.

He said that due to him having to quarantine he was unable to tour the island, but assures this will be done to help connect with residents.

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