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Tuesday, Jun 22, 2021

In This New Regular, Let Us Make Amends, Put Down Pride

In This New Regular, Let Us Make Amends, Put Down Pride

Premier and Minister for Finance Hon. Andrew Fahie has called on residents to mend their broken fences with the mothers in their lives.
In his Mother’s Day Message, released on Sunday, May 9, he said: “Today I thank God for all mothers, whether you give birth, adopted a child who needed love, or perhaps you may be a guardian, an aunt, a wife or Godmother. Regardless of how motherhood came to be, I thank God for all of you.”

He said the unconditional love for a child is irreplaceable and “I am aware that there may be some persons who do not have good relationships with mothers in their lives, in this new regular, let us make amends, let us put down the shield, let us put down pride.”

The Premier then called for residents to reawaken their hearts and “reach out to that mother in your life and turn bitterness into happiness.”

He added: “Let us reboot that broken relationship with that mother and turn mistakes into success. Let us create a new regular hinged on God’s word that regardless of what happens in the past, we can forgive so that we can break the cycle of separation and allow for connectivity and connection.”

He then encouraged those whose mothers are no longer here to reflect on the many traits that continue to remind them of their mother.

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