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Thursday, Jun 24, 2021

Incorporating Lessons From The Past, C&W In Final Hurricane Prep Mode

Incorporating Lessons From The Past, C&W In Final Hurricane Prep Mode

Cable and Wireless, the operator of FLOW and BTC in the Caribbean region, said its comprehensive hurricane preparations are in their final stages, as it incorporate lessons learnt from the past seasons to ensure that customers remain connected in an event of a significant weather event.
“Connectivity continues to be a vital lifeline for this region. As a result, we rigorously test our networks to ensure that we have deployed the best technology and processes to face natural disasters, like hurricanes, across the region,” CEO, C&W Communications Inge Smidts said via a press release.

He continued: “Our teams are in their final stages of preparation for the 2021 Hurricane season and have conducted a number of simulation exercises incorporating learnings from past seasons to improve upon our already hurricane-tested network.”

Smidts said the company is keenly aware of the reliance their customers and corporate clients have placed on the ability of their networks to keep them connected during previous devastating Atlantic hurricanes.

He said as a consequence, C&W has invested in important redundancy capabilities across its vast sub-sea network and in its data centres located outside of the ‘hurricane belt’, which provide an additional layer of protection for connectivity in the region.

Additionally, the company plans to launch local awareness campaigns, thereby encouraging customers to be vigilant and begin their preparations for the 2021 season, which, according to forecasters, is likely another active season.

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