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Saturday, Oct 23, 2021

Increase in theft from vehicles & farms recorded- RVIPF

Increase in theft from vehicles & farms recorded- RVIPF

Police have said they continue to receive reports of significant sums of money stolen from purses and wallets left on the seat of unsecured vehicles.

In two separate incidents, $700 was stolen from a wallet and $1000 from a purse, the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) stated in a press release today, August 30, 2021.

Police said both the wallet and the purse were in the front passenger seat when the monies were stolen.

One suspect identified

One perpetrator has been identified so far, according to the press release.

It said valuables such as handbags, laptops, cellular phones and jewelry left on top of seats or in the center console of vehicles provide the incentive needed for thieves to enter and steal.

“Police are discouraging persons from leaving valuables in their vehicles. However, if there is no alternative, persons should secure these items so they are not visible and lock vehicles every time,” the press release stated.

Thieves targeting farms

Police are also reporting an upsurge in theft of bananas and other produce from farms on the eastern end of the island.

The RVIPF said at least four farmers have reported their bananas and plantains stolen in the areas of Long Look, Greenland, Josiah’s Bay and Thomas Landing within the last two weeks.

“One farmer in Long Look reported that five hands of bananas were taken from his property in Long Look, while another farmer in East End discovered some 60 pounds of bananas missing.”

While Police are following a number of leads into these thefts, farmers are being asked to pass on any information to Police that can assist in identifying possible perpetrators.

The public is asked to be on the lookout for individuals loitering and acting suspiciously in or around farms and report such activities to the East End Police Station at 368-9704.


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