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Sunday, May 09, 2021

Increased fines, jail time for harbouring illegal immigrants

Increased fines, jail time for harbouring illegal immigrants

Amid news that a traveller who was denied entry escaped quarantine and is now on the run in the BVI, Cabinet has increased the penalties for people who harbour illegal immigrants.
The penalty is now $100,000.00 and 10 years imprisonment for:

1. a person assisting with or making arrangements for a person to enter the territory illegally

2. a person who knowingly harbours an illegal person for a period of more than two days.

The fine for this crime was previously three thousand dollars and two years imprisonment.

Cabinet has also given the Chief Immigration Officer the powers to compound offences and administer penalties for persons in contravention of the Immigration and Passport Act & Regulations.

The Chief Immigration Officer has also been given the powers to administer on-the-spot fines to persons in contravention of the Passport & Immigration Act.

This week, Immigration Minister Vincent Wheatley said the traveller who recently escaped quarantine in the BVI is yet to be captured by the authorities.

The man — a citizen of Dominican Republic — was reportedly refused entry at the airport on December 20 and placed under quarantine at Lambert Beach.

Transportation was arranged for him to be taken to the airport and leave the territory on December 21. However, the authorities did not see him when they checked his room.

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