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Tuesday, Oct 19, 2021

Infant in airport separation reportedly reunited with mother

Infant in airport separation reportedly reunited with mother

The woman who was reportedly separated from her six-month-old child at the airport after being made to leave the territory recently has since been able to return to the BVI and reunite with her child.
Talk show host and government consultant Claude Skelton Cline, who said he was close to the matter, made the disclosure on his Honestly Speaking radio show Tuesday.

“That lady has returned to the country and the Immigration arranged it as such that it was a seamless process upon her return and that lady and the baby have since been rejoined, as they should together,” Skelton Cline said.

The issue caused an uproar and quickly became a hot-button topic after first being reported late last week.

The woman was reportedly made to leave the territory to return as a result of having to change employers.

Skelton Cline came out in ardent condemnation of the Immigration policy responsible for the reported separation and urged the portfolio minister to consider removing it; especially at this time when persons were burdened by other issues as a result of the pandemic.

A social media debate on the matter later ensued and managed to garner a response from Health & Social Development Minister Carvin Malone, who promised to conduct a probe of the incident at the time. Malone has not made any public statements on the matter since.

Skelton Cline, who has since dubbed himself a ‘social justice advocate’, said he hopes the situation has now warranted a collective commitment from stakeholders that these kinds of things do not happen in the future.

“What I intend to do in the sum total of my life, is to give voice to the suffering,” Skelton Cline said on his show.

When he first mentioned the issue, Skelton Cline had also admonished Immigration officers for not showing enough discretion or kindness in dealing with the matter.

He called for BVIslanders to treat expatriates better, commenting that an occasion could arise when locals would be in another place and would be expecting assistance of some sort for themselves or a family member.

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