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Wednesday, Dec 08, 2021

‘Internal review’ launched amid reports of COVID test hiccup

‘Internal review’ launched amid reports of COVID test hiccup

The Ministry of Health will be launching a “internal review” following reports that a person who tested positive for COVID-19 was given a ‘clearance letter’ that indicated a negative test result.

Reports are that this COVID patient is the person who attended a funeral at the Sea Cow’s Bay Methodist Church last Saturday, March 27.

And in a news article published on Tuesday, 284 Media reported that government officials “allowed the public to believe that the individual breached quarantine and deliberately put others at risk”.

Health Minister Carvin Malone described the article as “unfortunate”, considering that officials are still investigating what happened.

“The facts have to be retained before they can reach that type of conclusion,” Malone told BVI News.

Nearly 30 thousand successful procedures

The minister further said he is confident in the territory’s laboratory facilities which have conducted nearly 30,000 successful tests since being established.

Notwithstanding this confidence, the minister said “the [recent] activities warrant an internal review”.

“And if it is determined that any procedures were not followed, it will then give us the ability to correct it and continue on to our thirtieth thousand swab,” he told our news centre.

While further touting the work of the territory’s COVID lab, Malone added: “I think we have a very good record and we’ll actually defend it. But there is nothing really to defend. We just have to do the review and see if there is anything that we need to do better.”


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