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Ishmael E. Brathwaite plans to contest 2023 Elections as At Large candidate

Ishmael E. Brathwaite plans to contest 2023 Elections as At Large candidate

Noting that he will be vying for elected office because the Virgin Islands needs more mature political leadership, businessman Ishmael E. Brathwaite has announced he will be contesting the 2023 General Elections as an At Large candidate.

Mr Brathwaite made the announcement on his webpage

‘Our country is in trouble’- Brathwaite

According to Mr Brathwaite, he will be contesting under the banner of the “Patriotic Citizens Movement” coalition.

“I am running for this position because our country is presently in trouble with the Imperialistic Powers that be, and needs more mature new political leadership, to help stabilize the present unstable, political and Economic mismanagement leadership instability, that presently pervades the country and threatens the national security of our traditional insular way of life.”

Mr Brathwaite added that it is obvious the country is “crying out for a new type of political representation” that will put country above self, and “get us out of the situation that we are into right now, and chart a new course forward, that will be conducive to good governance and eventually conducive to self-governance. “
General Elections in the Virgin Islands is April 24, 2023.

‘Experienced’ leader

He described himself as a committed, experienced, level headed and visionary candidate, who as President of the Student Body Council Government of the University which he attended, led the student body government out of the same type of political and economic turmoil that the government was experiencing at that time, “and that our government is presently experiencing.”

He said under his “effective leadership” of his university’s student body council government, it ended the academic fiscal year with an unprecedented residual budget surplus.

“This is not just empty political campaign talk, the record is on file, and I have my accolades to prove it. Our country is in need of that type of dedicated, laser-focused, political leadership right now, and when you elect me to our House of Assembly, I will bring that same type of objective, unwavering, committed, equal opportunity, political leadership to our government.”

Mr Brathwaite contested the 2015 General Elections as an At-Large candidate with People’s Progressive Coalition Movement but finished as the least vote-getter with 64 votes.

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