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Wednesday, Nov 30, 2022

It Is Disrespectful! Turnbull Confronts Top Cop On CGB Police Station

It Is Disrespectful! Turnbull Confronts Top Cop On CGB Police Station

Second District Representative Hon. Melvin ‘Mitch’ Turnbull continues to complain about the partial opening of the Cane Garden Bay Police station which serves multiple communities within the District.

Hon. Turnbull has repeatedly complained to the previous Commissioners of Police (CoP) since the renovated police station was opened. Current Commissioner, Mark Collins faced those complaints during the recently held Standing Finance Committee (SFC) of the House of Assembly.

According to the report of the SFC deliberations, Hon. Turnbull stated that he was elected in 2015 and he would be happy to sit, as he has done with the two previous Commissioners to find out what the issues are surrounding why the police station is more often closed than open.

He stated that the Police Station is not closed due to Officers sleeping in the barracks, but closed with no one being there. According to Hon. Turnbull, in addition, no one can enter the station except when he complains during press conferences or in the HoA. He stated that then the station reopens for a short time.


Collins sought to offer an explanation for the situation, but Hon. Turnbull was not buying into it.

According to the SFC report, Collins stated that the West End Station covers Cane Garden Bay Police Station and he will flex resources, as they need to. However, he cannot put two or three Officers in Cane Garden Bay every day because he would be taking from Road Town and East End stations, which are busier.

Collins further explained that he cannot afford to do it because he does not have the resources to do it. He is hoping that with the new recruits, he would be able to get some resources.

Hon. Turnbull stated that the CoP is missing something and for him to state that he would give the same answer since 2017 is unacceptable and disrespectful because it is not just Cane Garden Bay; but Brewers Bay, Chalwell, and Meyers among other communities.

Hon. Turnbull shared with Collins that when the station is closed there are persons there sleeping and that the station is now referred to as the Cane Garden Bay Hotel by the residents of the district.

Collins confirmed that there are persons sleeping because there are barracks upstairs. He also stated that he will look at the Auxiliary coverage in terms of keeping the station open if they can.

He will take the Members’ concerns away as action and revert to the Committee. Collins also shared that he is aware of the number of tourists that go there as well, and he will look at Cane Garden Bay favorably.

According to Collins, he was not making excuses, but the resources go where they need to go and the Task Force will be able to respond since they drive
around and do their patrols.


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