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Monday, Sep 25, 2023

It’s Advance Polling Day!

It’s Advance Polling Day!

Today is Advance Polling Day and signals the beginning of the voting process that will help decide the 13 legislators who will sit in the next House of Assembly.
Advance Polling Day is for a select group of persons eligibly for early voting ahead of the general elections scheduled for this coming Monday, April 24.

Persons able to vote today include persons 65 years and older, differently abled persons, and a relative or friend accompanying an elderly or differentially abled person who requires assistance to cast their ballot. The relative or friend can only assist one person and must also be a registered voter within the same electoral district as the person that they are assisting.

Another group of persons eligible to vote today include election officers, police officers, persons with confirmed travel plans outside of the territory on Polling Day, persons on remand, candidates who have been successfully nominated on nomination day, medical doctors, nurses, emergency medical technicians, prison officers, registered social care providers (recognised by the Ministry of Health), and persons whose work schedule would prohibit them from voting on Polling Day. This latter group whould have had to complete and submit application Form No. 30 by April 13, requesting permission to be treated as an early voter.

Things to know

Things for early voters to know are that each voter will be given a single ballot paper that will contain the names of the 17 Territorial At-Large candidates as well as the candidates in the district they are registered.

Each voter is able to vote for ONE district candidate and FOUR At-Large candidates. This means each voter is entitled to vote for no more than five candidates.

A ballot is still valid if a person under-votes (votes for fewer than five persons). However, the office of the Supervisor of Elections said a ballot becomes invalid when a person over-votes (votes for more than five persons).

Instructions on how to vote will be on each ballot paper and will come in the form of words and illustrations.

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