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Wednesday, Oct 28, 2020

Jamaica in standoff with Royal Caribbean

Jamaica in standoff with Royal Caribbean

Jamaica Prime Minister Andrew Holness has asserted that there would be a “serious” breach of good faith if Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines intends to sail to Jamaica without notice or approval.
Adventure of the Seas, with 1,044 ship workers aboard, is due to arrive in Falmouth on Monday and has announced that disembarkation would be around Saturday.

By that time, some of the workers who joined the vessel from another ship would have completed 14 days on board in quarantine.

Others who had been on the Adventure of the Seas would have been in cabin confinement for a month.

The vessel left the Dominican Republic on Monday heading to Jamaica.

But Holness is maintaining that up to this point, no date for arrival has been agreed.

“If it is true that the ship intends to sail into Jamaican waters without formal approval or even courtesy of notice, while discussions are still ongoing, then this would represent a serious departure from good maritime practices, and the cooperative nature of the dialogue we have been having on this matter,” Holness said.

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