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Friday, Nov 27, 2020

Janice Rymer to exit Labour Commissioner post

Janice Rymer to exit Labour Commissioner post

The position of Labour Commissioner in the BVI is set to become vacant as Commissioner Janice Rymer prepares to demit office.
Rymer has held the position for more than half-a-decade.

The post was recently advertised on the government’s website but it has since been removed.

However, when BVI News contacted Labour Minister Vincent Wheatley, he confirmed Rymer’s departure. He said the position was being advertised because Rymer is scheduled to go into retirement.

“[The] retirement [has] nothing to do with her performance,” he told BVI News in brief WhatsApp interview.

BVI news was not able to confirm when Rymer’s retirement takes effect. But based on confirmation from Minister Wheatley as well as Rymer’s appearance during Sunday’s broadcast with senior members of the ministry, she is still performing the duties of Labour Commissioner.

Rymer, a long-time public servant, took office in 2014 under the previous NDP administration. At the time, she had replaced Oleanvine Maynard.

In the meantime, it is unclear who will replace Rymer as Labour Commissioner or whether the Labour Ministry has identified a replacement.

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