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Monday, Aug 02, 2021

Jealous woman beats child father’s girlfriend; Damages car with steel bar

Jealous woman beats child father’s girlfriend; Damages car with steel bar

A young Lower Estate woman was reportedly dealt a thrashing by another woman and her sister in what is being considered an act of jealousy and rage yesterday afternoon, October 11, 2020.
According to reports, the victim was in a car at Long Bay beach, Beef Island, when she was pounced on by the irate woman and her sister.

Our newsroom understands that both the victim and the jealous woman have a child for a man whom the victim was with yesterday.

Reports are that the man left the victim in his car, a Mercedes Benz, to purchase food at a nearby bar when the incident occurred.

The victim was allegedly dragged by her hair out of the passenger side door by the jealous woman’s sister and the two siblings then proceeded to unleash a beating on the victim, causing her to sustain bruises about the body and a swollen face.

The victim also reportedly lost jewelry and other personal items during the thrashing.

The beating continued until the man returned and broke up the struggle.

The siblings; however, turned their rage on the man’s car.

Our newsroom was told that as the male attempted the drive away from the scene with the victim, the jealous woman allegedly retrieved a steel bar from her sister's car and proceeded to hit his vehicle, causing one of the windows to shatter.

The matter has allegedly been reported to police.

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