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Jeffrey Donaldson: DUP leader resigns after rape charge

Sir Jeffrey Donaldson, the leader of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), has resigned from his position after being charged with rape and other historical sexual offenses.
Alongside him, a 57-year-old woman has been charged with aiding and abetting these alleged offenses.

Both were arrested and subsequently charged by PSNI detectives. Donaldson has declared his intention to vigorously defend himself against these charges, with both him and the woman set to appear in court next month.

Following these developments, the DUP has suspended Donaldson's membership and appointed Gavin Robinson as the interim leader. Robinson described the situation as a "devastating revelation" and emphasized the importance of not prejudicing the ongoing criminal investigation.

The charges, stemming from allegations by two women, were made public by the police, who confirmed that Donaldson and the woman would appear in court on April 24. The police investigation began a few months ago following the women's allegations.

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