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Saturday, Jun 19, 2021

Joe Biden addresses nation as votes continue to be tallied

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden delivered remarks in WIlmington, Delaware, as votes continue to be tallied in key battleground states.
The former Vice President urged the nation to remain patient as votes are tallied, saying he is confident of victory as he is pulling even further away from President Donald Trump in Pennsylvania, the state that may make him the 46th US president.

Christie Obe 224 days ago
Good morning
This has been a journey for the Democratic nominee Vice President Joe Biden. There is no gains says about his strength, loyalty, empathy and love for people. Even if there had been mistakes committed in the past, this man had prove he is ready to unit the broken system, because this is United States of America, the land created by the Greaterbeing to be different and created for all !
This man will go into the history, no one can change your destination, it could be delayed but you will get there.


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