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Tuesday, Aug 11, 2020

Jr Minister Updates On Successful Tourism Roadshow

Jr Minister Updates On Successful Tourism Roadshow

Major strides were made last week to promote the British Virgin Islands as a must visit tourist destination in the United Kingdom and Europe. The series of promotions were carried out by Junior Minister for Tourism, Hon. Shereen Flax-Charles and the BVI Tourist Board, as part of the BVI Tourism Roadshow.
Updates on the trip, which was described as a high impact travel week, were provided by Hon. Flax-Charles, who noted that various forums were explored to further the promotion of brand BVI.

In noting the European targeted activities, the Junior Minister said, “Our agent in France shared with me that this week marks a period of high visibility for our Territory! We were featured in six international and French publications, including a seven page Swiss report on kite surfing cruises in the BVI, a newsletter featuring an interview with our Director of Tourism, eight page brochures on the beauty of the BVI.”

The Tourist Board is exploring a multifaceted approach to the marketing of the Territory’s tourism product. This was noted by the unveiling of the new advertisement that would be on the side of a bus that traverses the streets of London.

As it relates to the bus as an advertising method, the Junior Minister stated, “Everyday hundreds of Londoners and tourists ride in this comfortable, modern ride and thousands see the BVI on the move. Tourism is all about being innovative and embracing marketing opportunities in the most unlikely of places.”

During the trip, the Junior Minister, Chair of the Tourist Board Kenisha Sprauve, Director of the BVI Tourist Board Sharon Flax-Brutus, and Deputy Director Rhodni Skelton met with various UK based BVI stakeholders. One such meeting was with Mango, a British Public Relations company. It was explained that this company is a lifestyle centred firm with years of industry leading experience in marketing and brand shaping.

As it relates to the discussions with that company, Hon. Flax-Charles said, “Our meeting bore much fruit as we strategized as a team for more expansive and creative marketing strategies.”

Additionally, the BVI delegation hosted several of the tour operators and travel agents who provide support and sell the BVI as a destination.

Another highlight of the trip was the honouring of Ginny Hawksley, who represented the BVI brand in the UK for many years. In remarking on the departure of Hawskley from the post, Hon. Flax-Charles said, “A grateful farewell as she leaves the London office after seven years of stellar service.

Meanwhile, it was noted that Tausha Vanterpool of Anegada is the new head of the Tourist Board’s London office. In commenting on the new appointment, the Junior Minister said, “Her wealth of experience, training and expertise in the realms of marketing, management and tourism will make her an excellent addition to the unit.”

Overall, the Roadshow was described as successful, as Hon. Flax-Charles emphasized the significance of such undertakings for the Territory’s tourism product.

“The BVI Roadshow is an incredible opportunity for our Territory to market itself to the U.K., and wider European market, as well as build on corporate relationships and encourage greater engagement.”

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