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Tuesday, Aug 03, 2021

Karia J. Christopher has eyes set on 'political space'

'Real Talk' host links political failure to associating with 'yes' men & women

Host of the popular Virgin Islands' talk show, 'Real Talk', Mrs Karia J. Christopher says she has her eyes set on the political space in the Territory, even though it may not necessarily be very soon that she throws her hat in the proverbial political ring.
"I've always put my political aspirations behind because it's a tough space to be in. I mean, whatever party it is, I swear the BVI is the worst and it affects your children and your marriage and your relationship in a bigger way than most people are prepared for," she said.

Mrs Christopher was at the time speaking on the Thursday, May 19, 2020, edition of 'Honestly Speaking' with Mr Claude O. Skelton-Cline on ZBVI 780 AM, noting that politics is a tough space in the Territory.

"I'm not saying it is going to happen tomorrow, but if I'm truthful and I'm honest, I certainly would see myself in some political space... that's the honest truth," she said.

VI politicians fail because of 'circle' - Mrs Christopher

She said for politicians in the VI, there seems to be an inability to surround themselves with people who can steer them away from a wrong path, hence they fail in the sector.

"I see the failure when persons surround themselves with yes men and yes women and, therefore, that authoritative way that I can never be wrong is normally what the downfall is."

Mrs Christopher said whenever she eventually enters politics, "It is my hope to surround myself with persons who will keep me on the straight and narrow."

"I don't want to be a leader in whatever space I am in, just to say you're a leader. I love people from the depths of my heart and I literally want to be a game-changer in whatever space it is," she said.


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