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Keir Starmer faces discontent as Labour MPs reject union jack election flyers

Labour Party leader Keir Starmer is facing internal criticism for prominently featuring the union flag in election materials, with concerns that it may deter ethnic minority voters and others.
Some party members and MPs, particularly from the party’s Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic (BAME) group, have expressed discomfort with this strategy, associating the flag with far-right connotations.

The issue was raised in meetings, highlighting both the discomfort with the flag's use and the ongoing dissatisfaction regarding the party’s efforts in BAME representation and the delayed investigation into Diane Abbott.

Starmer's push to display Labour’s patriotic side aims to distinguish the party from its previous leadership and appeal to a broader electorate.

However, this move has led to reluctance among some activists to distribute campaign materials, fearing it could confuse Labour's message with that of the Conservatives.

Labour's campaign strategy, emphasizing the union flag along with Labour red, aims for brand consistency but faces resistance from those who feel a more tailored approach to different communities might be more effective.

The debate extends to Labour's stance on national symbols in sports, reflecting a broader discussion on patriotism and inclusivity within the party.
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