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Sunday, Oct 25, 2020

Kenisha Sprauve has been appointed the Chair of the BVI Tourist Board (BVITB)

Kenisha Sprauve has been appointed the Chair of the BVI Tourist Board (BVITB)

In addition to Sprauve, who is a member and Chair of the Board, the other appointees were Gloria Fahie, Arleen Parsons, Keshia Davis-Barnes, Julia Dawson-Marsha, Sasha Shimora Hodge, Dereck E. Marshal, Mr. Kelvin Christopher, Leroy Moses, John Samuel (HLSCC - Chairman), Bevis Sylvester (BVI Airports Authority - Chairman), Nathaniel Isaac (BVI Ports Authority - Chairman). Director of Tourism, Permanent Secretary/Premier's Office and the Financial Secretary are ex-Officio Members.

However, before the Cabinet decision was published, the confirmation that Sprauve was the new Chair of the Tourist Board was made by Junior Minister of Tourism, Shereen Flax-Charles, as she was announcing that there is a three member women's team that is going to bring tourism to the top of the Territory's economical sectors.

The Junior Minister was at the time speaking at a public meeting in Virgin Gorda on August 21, and noted that the BVI's tourism sector will rise even though it was knocked down by what she described as two women - Irma and Maria.

"When it comes to tourism, there is no Irma or Maria that can handle Shereen, Sharon and Kenisha when it comes to tourism," Hon. Flax-Charles had declared.

In noting that the three have big plans for the tourism industry, the Junior Minister said, "We are going to give the BVI—myself as the Junior Minister for Tourism, Sharon Flax-Brutus the Director of Tourism, and Kenisha Sprauve our new Chairperson of the Tourist Board. We are going to show Irma and Maria what we are made of and we are going to put tourism at the top of the economy."

Hon. Flax-Charles noted that the three heads of tourism to the BVI recently attended an overseas event to promote the Territory.

"We just got back from Las Vegas attending Virtuoso - 6500 luxury travel agents; everybody was excited about the recovery of the BVI," the Junior Minister of Tourism said.

"We were also able to get information from other resort development companies that are interested in coming to BVI. So, I think we are on the right track and we are not turning back in terms of Tourism," she added.


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