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Tuesday, Dec 01, 2020

Kevin Smith resigning as Digicel's CEO

Kevin Smith resigning as Digicel's CEO

Months after stepping into the role, Kevin Smith is resigning as Chief Executive Officer of Digicel BVI.
A media release from the telecommunications company on Wednesday said Smith is resigning to fulfil personal projects he had been pursuing before the 2017 hurricanes.

Despite his resignation as CEO, Digicel said Smith will continue his involvement in the business as a senior advisor. In this capacity, he will provide counsel and support in legal and regulatory matters, strategic technical initiatives, sales, and business development strategies, Digicel said.

“As Digicel continues to invest in the BVI and its people to provide cutting- edge technologies and services to ensure we continue to play a leading role in the region, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Digicel especially our staff who have helped in one way or another during my tenure … It’s been an immense privilege working with Digicel to support the strategic development of the BVI, a role I will continue to play as an advisor,” Smith stated.

As for a successor for Smith, Digicel said, “one will be announced in due course, and in the interim, Kevin will continue as CEO to ensure a smooth transition”.

He officially commenced the role of CEO in back in February 2020.

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“I am using the term “box tickers” to refer to employees who exist only or primarily to allow an organization to be able to claim it is doing something that, in fact, it is not doing.”
― David Graeber, Bullshit Jobs: A Theory

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