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King 'reduced to tears' by cancer support messages sent to him

King Charles was emotionally touched by the cancer support messages he received, which moved him to tears.
Upon resuming official duties, he met Prime Minister Rishi Sunak at Buckingham Palace. The Prime Minister expressed pleasure at the King's good appearance, to which the King humorously responded.

The King conveyed his gratitude to Mr. Sunak for the overwhelming support and admiration for cancer charities. After their initial public greeting, the two continued their discussion in the private Audience Room, traditionally adorned with royal family photos and artwork.

Although the King has halted public engagements while undergoing cancer treatment, he maintains his state duties, such as the routine premier meeting. Today, the King also participated in the Privy Council meeting, a group of senior political advisors.

The King has delegated public appearances, focusing instead on administrative responsibilities, including managing governmental documents.

His weekly meetings with the Prime Minister remain confidential, an arrangement valued by former Prime Ministers as a safe space for candid discussion without political constraints.

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