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Wednesday, Sep 27, 2023

Kishann Cupid-Brathwaite is acting Labour Commissioner

Kishann Cupid-Brathwaite is acting Labour Commissioner

Word reaching our newsroom from sources within the Ministry of Natural Resources and Labour is that former Employment Services Manager within the Labour and Workforce Development Department Mrs Kishann Cupid-Braithwaite has been appointed as the Territory’s acting Labour Commissioner.

It is unclear the duration of Cupid-Brathwaite's appointment, but it comes weeks after the Labour Commissioner, Mrs Michelle A. McLean, proceeded on vacation leave until about October 2022.

Another senior officer within the department, Ms Althea Guishard, was performing the duties of Labour Commissioner; however, it is unclear why she was not given an acting appointment.

Sources familiar with the appointment also said Mrs Cupid-Braithwaite, who has worked at the Labour Department for years, had applied for the Commissioner’s post last year; however, once it was given to Mrs McLean she requested a transfer from the Labour and Workforce Development Department.

Labour Commissioner Mrs Michelle A. McLean is on vacation leave until about October 2022.

What is the Commissioner & Minister's relationship?

There are also reports there are growing tensions between Mrs McLean and the new Labour Minister Honourable Melvin M. Turnbull (R2); however, the issues are said to be confidential.

The Labour Department continues to be under fire for the slow pace of work permit processing; however, it is reportedly due to the lack of human resources and appropriate senior staff. Many of the positions in the Department remain vacant over the years.

As acting Labour Commissioner, Mrs Cupid-Braithwaite will manage the Department of Labour and Workforce Development to ensure effective administration of the Labour Code; participate in the preparation, coordination and administration of national employment policy; and provide technical advice to the Minister as it relates to labour matters and markets.

We will bring more details as they become available.


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