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Wednesday, Oct 04, 2023

Labour MP criticised for sharing ‘doctored image of Rishi Sunak’

A Labour MP, Karl Turner, has been accused by a Conservative minister of sharing a "fake image" of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak on Twitter. The picture showed Sunak seemingly being disapproved of by a bystander while pulling a pint at the Great British beer festival.
The image was criticised by Michelle Donelan, the science secretary, who claimed it was a 'deepfake' and called for reliable sources of information. She pointed out that the original photo, shared on the Prime Minister's account, did not show the disapproving onlooker, and that the pint pulled by Sunak had been digitally altered to appear poorly poured.

Richard Holden, the minister for roads and local transport, also accused Turner of sharing a "deliberate deep fake image", suggesting it was an attempt to compensate for perceived policy gaps within the Labour Party.

The Labour chairman of the Commons business and trade committee, Darren Jones, defended Turner's actions, questioning the ability to distinguish deepfake images and calling for a discussion on how to tackle such fakes ahead of the next election.

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