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Thursday, Dec 08, 2022

Lake to UK: ‘Fix your problems before coming to us’

“Dig the mote out of your eyes before you come to dig it out of ours,” a determined Patsy Lake, said in an emphatic statement directed at the United Kingdom government.

She was at the time speaking among a group of protestors who came to make their voices known that they are not in support of the Commission of Inquiry (COI)-recommended UK direct rule over the Virgin Islands.

Lake, who was involved in the protest that restored Wickham’s Cay to the Virgin Islands people some 53-years-ago told the protestors that they must stay strong, stick together, regroup, and let the UK know that the people of the territory will not stand for the suspension of the constitution.

“Let them see a good and proper representation of our people who are against this COI Report. You can’t sit down and tell us this is what you are doing. We ain’t no moo-moo. We not no fool. This is the 21st century and we will not put up for it,” Lake said to a ramped-up crowd.

With Sixth District Representative Alvera Maduro Caines and Territory-at-Large Representative Shereen Flax-Charles in the background punctuating her sentences with cheers of ‘No UK Rule’, Lake urged young people to come and support the protest and not be deterred by what many might consider a small group.

“I am going to remind you that when we stood up to protest Wickham Cay, it was just a handful. Quite a few people kept saying, ‘where they are going, and what they are doing? They ain’t getting nowhere’. But as the people began to learn about the truth, they began to come out and support – this is what is important; the truth,” Lake said.

“So, I am here to ask you all this morning, while some might think that the representation that came out this morning might not be enough to represent 30,000 thousand people. Let me tell you. This is only a small representation because the organisers did not have enough time. But they had time to plan for us,” she added.

This isn’t about Fahie’s arrest, UK had long-time plan

Lake highlighted that she does not believe what is happening is a result of the Premier’s arrest. She said what the UK is doing is something they have been planning a long time. The crowd then responded with, “they playing the long game”.

Lake recounted some years ago when the National Democratic Party was in power, and the UK came regarding the territory’s financial services. She said that was just the tip of the proverbial iceberg and the plan was to eventually culminate in the suspension of Virgin Island’s constitution so the UK could take over.

“Let us get the organisers. I am old now — I can’t do too much. I was getting a lot of calls and I decided I am going to come, so others can see my face. It affects all of us. Educated and non-educated. We must band together. I am in total and complete support that our constitution should not be suspended,” Lake said.

“The things that have been read to us out of the COI Report are things that have been happening all along. The governor that sits here and is supposed to be governing and keeping good order. Why did he not draw those things to the different government organisations before? You know why? Because it is a long-time plan,” the businesswoman said.

Who will guard the guard?

Lake, with the support of the loud crowd firmly behind her, criticized the governor for his lack of effort in helping to clean up the territory of all the things the UK deemed wrong.

“Tell me something, while whatever is wrong here, because there is nothing perfect, no one perfect, no situation perfect, we don’t live in a perfect world. We don’t have a perfect government; we never had a perfect government, but do we have a perfect governor?” Lake said with the protestors firmly shouting no.

“When the governor takes over? Who will guard the guard? Who will guard the governor? Himself?” Lake added with screams of “that cant work” echoing in the background.

The protestors were joined in solidarity by several legislators and key public figures. Minister of Transportation Kye Rymer was seen conversing with Fourth District Representative Mark Vanterpool. Sharie deCastro Junior Minister for Tourism was adamant in her support for ‘No UK Rule’ as she was joined in protest by Deputy Speaker of the House Neville Smith, political commentator Claude Skelton Cline and calypsonian Sistah Joyce. Second District Representative Melvin Turnbull, former Deputy Premier Kedrick Pickering, and prominent clergyman Bishop John Cline were among those present.


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