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Sunday, Mar 07, 2021

Large Companies Feeling The Squeeze Too, Won’t Be Left Behind

Large Companies Feeling The Squeeze Too, Won’t Be Left Behind

While large companies employing over 20 employees are not eligible for the Small, Medium and Micro Enterprise business grant, they too are being affected by the Coronavirus Disease and will not be left behind.
This is according to Junior Minister for Trade and Economic Development Shereen Flax–Charles.

The Junior Minister said the Hon. Andrew Fahie-led administration would be seeking ways to ensure that everyone receives assistance.

“The government wants to ensure that we boost the economy and restore a sense of confidence in the business community and the territory and we are certainly looking at all angles not because a business employs more than 20 persons does that mean they are okay during these times,” she said during a live question and answer forum on Thursday.

She added, “Every single person, every single business has been affected. It’s not like with the hurricanes Irma and Maria where we were slammed, and other places nothing happened and they were able to help us, everybody around the world needs help. So it is something that we are looking at, and we are a government of inclusion, and we want to make sure that nobody feels left out.”

Minister Flax-Charles said, there are many initiatives that the government is tackling to ensure that persons are comfortable as best we can considering the circumstances.

Senior Policy Analyst in the Premier’s Office Lizette George, who also added her voice to the topic, said there are other areas that these companies can tap into.

“For instance, there is the Social Security grant that is offered to employees where businesses of any size can apply for those grants for their employees who have been laid off. I believe the nature of the government and the plans that they have in place they are looking for ways and means to address everybody’s concern as it benefits the entire society,” she said.

The grant that is being offered was funded by the Social Security Board is over $6 million.

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