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Saturday, Jan 22, 2022

Late birth & death registrations to now cost $75

Late birth & death registrations to now cost $75

Persons who register both births and deaths outside of the stipulated time frame will now have to pay a $75 fee as part of a Cabinet-backed increase in fees for the service.

According to Cabinet meeting statements of December 1, 2021, released today, November 9, 2021, Cabinet, “Approved a seventy-five dollar ($75) late registration fee for births and deaths on the basis that the Registration of Births and Deaths Ordinance (Cap 276) of 1959 is sixty (62) years old, and that an increase by five dollars ($5) cannot serve as an adequate deterrent.”

Cabinet also decided, “that the Statutory Rates, Fees and Charges be amended to include the approved fees,” according to the statements.

For births

The previous penalty fee for births, according to information on the Civil Registry and passport office website, was $13.

To register a birth, the Registrar General must first be notified within twenty-one (21) days of a child’s birth by the hospital spokesperson or any other person (informant) who knows about the birth such as a health care facility officer; nurse, midwife or medical practitioner present when the baby is born.

Guardian has 30 days to complete the registration to avoid a penalty fee, however, there is the option for a guardian to obtain a temporary birth certificate in an emergency if the child needs to travel for medical care.

For deaths

The death of every person occurring in the Territory and the cause of such death shall be registered by the Registrar in the Register of Deaths.

Within seven days of the death of a person occurring in the Territory, the nearest relatives of the deceased shall complete and deliver to the Registrar, a Death Registration form.


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