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Saturday, Oct 24, 2020

Leading Regional Economy By 2025

Leading Regional Economy By 2025

Premier and Minister for Finance, Hon. Andrew Fahie has highlighted his Government's 2020 vision to transform the Virgin Islands as the leading regional economy by 2025.
In his New Year's message to the Territory, Premier Fahie stated that within the 10 months of taking office, 'we have accomplished many things together, with alot still left to be done in this New Year'.

"Together as one people, our Vision 2020 is to transform the Territory into a leading regional economy by 2025 through Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Local and Foreign Investment," Premier Fahie stated.

He added, "Working with you the people, we will together work to build a resilient, globally competitive, diversified economy that leverages our position in the tourism and financial services markets."

In greening the economy, Premier Fahie stated that Government will embrace new drivers such as digital businesses, and 'with our people' actively and profitably engaged in these activities.

"Together, as a Territory, we will accelerate transformation for resilience and sustainability. Together we will embrace SMART strategies and Green Development, and create opportunities for individual and collective empowerment," Hon. Fahie noted.

He also shared that the Territory has many reasons to be full of pride, optimism and hope because of the forefathers' spirit of perseverance, which will continue to push the Territory forward.

According to the Premier, Government’s mission for 2020 is to ensure that the people of the Virgin Islands are active participants and beneficiaries in this journey in the spirit of BVILOVE.

"As we embrace the start of the New Year and the new decade, I wish God’s richest blessings on all the people of this Territory and visitors, and to our international partners. I pray for God’s guiding hands on all your noble endeavours. May your dreams and aspirations be realised and may you enjoy health, wealth and happiness," Premier Fahie stated.

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