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‘Let's not allow party politics & selfish agendas to derail us’- Hon Stacy Mather urges HoA

‘Let's not allow party politics & selfish agendas to derail us’- Hon Stacy Mather urges HoA

First-term legislator and Deputy Speaker in the Virgin Islands (VI) House of Assembly (HoA), Hon Stacy Mather (AL) has challenged his fellow legislators to put the country first and not let politics and other agendas derail the work of the HoA.

Hon Mather laid down the gauntlet at the swearing-in ceremony and First Sitting of the First Session of the Fifth House of Assembly on May 18, 2023, at Multi-Purpose Sports Complex in Road Town, Tortola,

“As a new Member of this House, it is without prejudice that I say that I am here to work, and we'll work with all to address concerns of our people and the future of our country.”

He added, “I ask that you all join me in ensuring that the legacy of the 5th House of Assembly be one of camaraderie that is genuinely aimed towards benefiting all of our people. Let us not allow party politics and selfish agendas to derail us from providing the leadership that our country deserves.”

Hon Mather said legislators have an opportunity to give those that will come in the House of Assembly in the future a stronger foundation on which to build and in order to do so, legislators must educate and involve the people in the processes of how they will get there.

Mr Mather also urged legislators to communicate better amongst themselves across the floor as it related to the government and opposition.

Gov't & Opposition challenged to communicate better

“Therefore, I publicly challenge both the Government and the Opposition to better communicate among ourselves, and in doing so, properly engage and inform our people. As I sit here today, and in many more sessions to come, I implore all of us to recognise that we are not an elite group, but rather the servants of our people,” he said.

In a message to the people of the Virgin Islands, Mr Mather said he remains grateful and aware of their expectations to have elected him, with a promise that he will do his best to represent them in the House.

He added that change will not come without the people making their voices heard.

“To the youth of the territory, my people, I urge you to not let your voices be silenced. Let all your outcry for a better Virgin Islands be across all party lines and make it louder than it has ever been. Hold your leaders, all of us, accountable. Do not go quiet in the next four years and wait for another election,” he said.

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